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Nicaragua Sotheby’s International Realty is proud to be the first luxury real estate brand in Nicaragua, and we look forward to showing you the best Nicaragua has to offer and the ins & outs of buying property in Nicaragua. This country offers extraordinary opportunities in real estate and land, from elegant colonial houses in Granada to modern retreats along the tropical beaches of Tola and San Juan del Sur.


Nicaragua is the hidden gem of Central America, and there has never been a better time to purchase property for investment or personal use. Our list below will help introduce you to our process and buying property in Nicaragua.

The Investment Advantage

Tax-Free Opportunities Abound in Nica

    • You own your property and business, 100%.
      Foreign investors have full rights to own property and to establish businesses as they wish, with 100% ownership and equal rights under the law [Foreign Investment Law 344]

    • Own a tourism related property? Your income is tax-free.
      Any income made within Nicaragua on certain tourism related property (registered hotels and resorts) is tax free [Tourism Investment Law 306]. For years, foreigners have taken advantage of the tremendous opportunities and value Nicaragua has to offer.

The Purchasing Advantage

Just 7 Steps to Owning Property in Nica

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    • We’ll help you find the right property at the right location for the right price.
      We discuss your needs and arrange to show properties that fit your criteria, advising you of any factors that may affect your choice of property. Our agents have exclusive access to the finest luxury properties in Nicaragua, and will help you find your dream home or the best investment opportunity.

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    • You select your must-have property or land, we help you make the right offer to get it.
      The Seller will accept, decline or counter-offer. While this is happening, we’ll suggest a cursory investigation of the title. We may, in fact, represent both the buyer and the seller which is quite common in Nicaragua. Once your offer is accepted, you will then be asked for a 10% deposit, which is kept in escrow until closing. Most real estate sales here are ‘all cash’, as financing (while available) is limited.

      • Closing on a property will usually take about 30-45 days. This legal process begins with a number of checks made by the lawyer. Nicaragua Sotheby’s International Realty works with and highly recommends Garcia & Bodan, Central America’s most knowledgeable, experienced and trusted law firm with offices throughout Nicaragua.

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    • The sales contract (promesa de venta) is written and signed by seller and buyer.
      It includes all terms of the purchase and sale with the sales price, along with a power of attorney for you if you cannot be in the country for the closing. A good contract should explain that your deposit will be returned if any irregularities are found in the title search. If you aren’t a Nica resident, then a copy of your first two passport pages may be needed. Both English and Spanish sales contracts are binding in Nicaragua.

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    • Your lawyer makes sure your new property is free and clear.
      The Libertad de Gravamen (Free of Lien) document is requested by your lawyer from the Public Registry Office plus the property title is investigated to ensure taxes and other obligations to the government are paid and up to date. They will also ensure there are no liens, ownership issues nor encumbrances against the property.

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    • A new Escritura (or Title Deed) will be drawn up showing the buyer as the new owner.
      Fees are paid and the property is usually registered within 4 to 5 months.

      • All documents should identify the property by its legal description including the Finca, Tomo, Folio and Asiento identification numbers. From the seller the attorney requires: Copy of the deed (escritura) and site plan (plano). The seller should provide his Tax ID Number, Land Registry Certificate, Land Registry Survey, Power of Attorney (if not the property owner and Verification that all taxes have been paid to date)
      • A Certificate of No Objection (CNO) may be required if the property is near a lake, ocean or river. The CNO usually is completed after the closing since it may take months to complete. If a letter of no objection is required, this may take 3 to 6 months.

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    • It’s closing time.
      The seller, buyer’s attorney and buyer (or representatives who hold the power of attorney) all gather for the closing. Since Nicaragua Sotheby’s International Realty has only exclusive listings, there is usually only one realtor and one lawyer present at the closing. You will sign the new Title deed (Escritura) drafted by the lawyer and provide the remaining purchase funds. The seller of the property and the buyer of the property will sign this new document and it will be authorized by the lawyer.

      • When all documents are completed, they will be given to the buyer. You are now the owner of the property and in full possession. Following this, the lawyer will take the necessary steps to have the property registered in the buyer’s name.

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    • Just a few taxes left to pay and your dream property is yours.
      The Cadastral Office will evaluate the property. Since the cadastral value of your property is unknown until the registration after the closing, the exact amount of your fees is unknown. A settling then occurs and the realtor or lawyer rebates any overpayment on the registration fees or charges you for the underpayment. Similarly, for the seller, if they are paying the property transfer tax, the exact amount for the property transfer tax is determined and the difference is settled.

      • A reasonable estimate of the Transfer tax is 4% (four percent) of the stated contract value. Payment of this Transfer Tax results in the transfer of the property to the buyer’s name. In addition, the buyer will pay 1% of the assessed value to the Public Registry, however, this has a cap of C$30,000 (which at today´s exchange rate is around $1,080).

Get in touch and we’ll guide you through these steps, ensuring your experience buying property in Nicaragua is as seamless as possible.